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What speed requirement about DVR and mobile?
DVR network upload speed above 2M,mobile side download speed above 2M
How to upgrade?
Firstly, plz decompress the FW and copy it to your flash disk, then connect it with the dvr

Secondly, plz come to the interface of setup—system tools–system maintenance–system upgrade, click start–ok, it will begin the upgrading

Plz notice that during the upgrading, keep the dvr power on and the lines are connected.

After the upgrading to 100%, it finished, the dvr will restart, and it comes out the latest version

When upgrade,notice file not found,what should do?
a. Format U disk to FAT32 form

b. Put firmware in root u disks.Change another u disk with better compatible

CMS is not working in computer,why?
a.Computer system not windows or XP,our CMS based on windows or XP,do not support other system

b.Computer general storage capacity is below 128M.To check computer storage capacity,run dxdiag–display–general storage capacity

c.Computer do not install card drive

HDD can not be formatted,why?
Reason might be:do not stop recording,if need to format HD,need to stop all recording,includes manual
Coud ID disappear suddenly,why happen this?What should do?
Reasons might be:

a.DHCP is selected,so that IP is changing all the time

b.Network is not working

To get Cloud ID,Right click mouse,enter main men—setup–system setup–network setup,click DHCP,click “OK” to save setting,in this way can get IP address automatically,then back to preview interface.Stay in preview interface for 30 seconds,then enter DHCP setting again,cancel DHCP, click “OK” to save setting.Back to preview interface to wait till ID appear again

(Note:To get Cloud ID,customer need to enter network setup three times)

Customers forget password,can not enter DVR main menu,what should do?

Press “▲” button in DVR front panel for 10 times continuously,then can hear one sound “di”,after “di”,password restore factory setting,then right click mouse,enter main menu—setting—system setting–user management,click confirm or restore factory setting,password will restore default.Or customer can set new password

How to view the desktop remote view of UK-PLUS DVR?
For this purpose we have two methods.

Method 1:Please login to www.uk-plusdvr.com, It will ask the following

  1. Device Id, It means the eseeid of the DVR (From Network setup).
  2. Username means DVR Username(Default its “admin”).
  3. Password means DVR password(Default it was null, Leave the space empty).
  4. This will ask to install some plug-ins  in your system, install the plug in.
  5. It will gives you the remote view.

Method2:  Install our CMS Software for our system.

Please send us your email id to us, We will send the CMS Software  CMS_SOFTWARE

What are the app Support Remote view by UK-PLUS DVR

Our DVR capable to work with UK-PLUS, Eseenet+ App for effective remote view through smart phones.

From where I get the UK-PLUS mobile app?

Our IPPro3 App is available i both App store(For Iphone) and Play store(For Android). The following link takes you to App

App Store:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ip-pro3/id1387062164?mt=8

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.specialyg.ippro3&hl=en


How do I set up a camera and lens for use in Low Light conditions and or with Infra Red Lighting?
When setting the back focus of a Color camera for low light conditions you should place an ND1 (Neutral Density) filter in front of the lens. When setting the back focus of a Mono camera for low light conditions you should place an ND3 (Neutral Density) filter in front of the lens. When setting the back focus of a Mono camera fitted with I/R lighting for low light conditions you should place an IRP (Infra- Red Pass) filter in front of the lens.
What is a Security DVR?
DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. A Security DVR is capable of taking the video from digital or analog cameras and recording it into a digital format on a hard drive. It can record high quality video, maintenance free, for weeks or even months. An ideal replacement for time lapse VCRs.
By UK-PLUS DVR Can I view live and recorded video locally and remotely?
For both Yes,And our all DVR systems are Internet enabled with free DDNS. You can view live and recorded video from anywhere through the Internet.
How to Setup Smartphone “UK-PLUS” Remote Viewing?
Get 9-digit UKPLUS Device ID number from your DVR “Network Setup”

To add your device to mobile devices, please follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install “UKPLUS” on your smartphone via Play Store or App Store
  2. Enter the id number
  3. Enter the User ID “admin”
  4. Enter Password: ”         ” (blank by default)
  5. Login
What are OSD cameras?
OSD (On Screen Display) cameras have a menu system within the camera assembly that can be accessed in order to set functions such as Iris levels, AGC on/off and most features of standard and advanced cameras.
How many hours of video can the Security DVR store?
The length of archive depends on number of cameras, frames per second (FPS) and amount of available hard disk space. Our pre configured systems usually provide several weeks of archive on motion detect mode.


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